Graduate Students

These are some of the PhD students I have supervised while at Oxford and information about their work:


· Mats-Philip Ahrenshop.

Dissertation: “The Political Economy of State Capacity.”

Completed in 2024. Co-supervised with Spyros Kosmidis.


· Rebecca Mann.

Dissertation: “Who Reforms? The Political Economy of Digital Infrastructure.”

Completed in 2023. Co-supervised with Robin Harding. 


· Catarina Leão Neves Ribeiro Dos Santos.

Dissertation: “Autocratic Legacies and Immunisation Against Extremism: A Rational Choice Approach.”

Completed in 2023. Co-supervised with David Doyle.


· Julia du Pont de Romemont.

Dissertation: “Paying for Resentment: Positional Competition, Immigration and Support for Redistribution.”

Completed in 2022.


· Joonas Taras.

Dissertation: “Essays in Comparative Political Economy: Bureaucracy and Participation in Policymaking.”

Completed in 2022.


· Filip Bubenheimer.

Dissertation: “The Politics of Judicial Review in Inter-War Europe.”

Completed in 2021. Co-supervised with Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos.


· Tanushree Goyal.

Dissertation: “Representation from Below: How Women Mobilize Inside Parties.”

Completed in 2021. Co-supervised with Robin Harding.


· Raluca Pahontu.

Dissertation: “By Popular Demand: Voter Decision Making under Risk.”

Completed in 2020. Co-supervised with Desmond King.


· Gerda Hooijer.

Dissertation: “Immigration, Altruism, and Attitudes towards the Welfare State.”

Completed in 2019. Co-supervised with Desmond King.


· Verena Fetscher (University of Mannheim).

Dissertation: “Who Cares about the Poor? Intertemporal and Interpersonal Determinants for Other-Regarding Preferences.”

Completed in 2019. Co-supervised with Daniel Stegmueller.


· Karl Kahn.

Dissertation: “Crime and Equality, or Crime and Punishment? Population Heterogeneity and Fear of Crime as Determinants of Redistribution Preferences.”

Completed in 2019.


· Nils Röper.

Dissertation: “The Politics of Framing: Foreign Ideas and German Pensions.”

Completed in 2019. Co-supervised with Jane Gingrich. 


· Allison Spencer Hartnett.

Dissertation: “Redistributive Authoritarianism: Land Reform and Leader Tenure in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Completed in 2018. Co-supervised with Adeel Malik.


· Inyoung Cho.

Dissertation: “The Political Economy of Inequality in Developing Countries: Trajectories from Industrialization to Inequality.”

Completed in 2018.


· Barbara Zarate Tenorio.

Dissertation: “Social Policy, Protest Participation and Violent Crime in Latin America.”

Completed in 2015. Co-supervised with Martin Seeleib-Kaiser.


· Jason Hecht (Cornell University).

Dissertation: “Inequality in the Worst of Times: Recessions and Public Concern For Income Inequality in Europe and the United States.”

Completed in 2014. Co-supervised with Chris Anderson, Sid Tarrow and Chris Way.


· Irene Menendez Gonzalez.

Dissertation: “The Politics of Compensation under Trade: Openness, Economic Geography and Spending.”

Completed in 2014. Co-supervised with Pablo Beramendi.


· Francesc Amat.

Dissertation: “Redistribution in Parliamentary Democracies: The Role of Second-Dimensional Identity Politics.”

Completed in 2013. Co-supervised with Pablo Beramendi.


· Ignacio Jurado.

Dissertation: “The Politics of Distribution.”

Completed in 2012.


· Timo Idema.

Dissertation: “Brain Power: The Political Economy of Higher Education.”

Completed in 2011.


· Lucie Cerna.

Dissertation: “The Governance of High-Skilled Immigration Policies in Advanced Industrial Countries.”

Completed in 2009. Co-supervised with Martin Ruhs.


· Tim Hicks.

Dissertation: “Strategic Partisan Policy Seekers.”

Completed in 2009. Co-supervised with David Soskice.


· Roger Barker.

Dissertation: “Competition, Parties, and the Determinants of Change in European Corporate Governance: A Macro-Comparative Analysis.”

Completed in 2008.


· Marco Hernandez.

Dissertation: “The State, Capital, and Economic Statecraft: The Political Economy of State-Business Relations in Peru and Chile.”

Completed in 2008. Co-supervised with Rosemary Thorp.